Easy handling combined with live shooting results and unique performance assessment makes RyngDyng© indispensable




With RyngDyng© we have developed a system that autonomously captures your arrows. Via the built-in cameras it shows you precisely where you hit and your shooting results are available for you in an instance. With these results you have now real performance data at hand which you can use to adapt your bow or improve your shooting procedure.


The RyngDyng © System consists of several components:
  • a case which makes the entire system safe to transport
  • built-in cameras capturing the arrows on the target face from various perspectives.
  • a CPU which combines the camera data and transmits the information via WLAN to the RyngDyng©-App and the cloud.
  • a Wlan-Router, which creates a network on the field into which the RyngDyng© and the archers' mobile devices log in.
    Within one Wlan, several RyngDyng© can be operated in parallel.
  • a black and white chessboard batch for a quick and easy calibration of RyngDyng© before the start.
  • in addition a three-meter folding rule is available for measuring the exact distance of the RyngDyng©- case and the target face.
The automatic arrow caputing system can be quickly built up and calibration is very easy: