Innovative RyngDyng© Technology

Overall System

RyngDyng© stands on the ground at a distance of about 3 m from the target and uses cameras to measure the exact position of all arrows arriving with millimeter accuracy and within seconds. You can use standard target faces. Changes to the target or the faces are not required.

RyngDyng© is controlled via the RyngDyngApp©, which can run on any of your devices (mobile phone, tablet or PC). The well-known Artemis app or the I@nseo tournament management system can also be used.

All connected devices receive the detected hits and display them live. Furthermore, the RyngDyngApp© can transfer the hits to the Archery Analytics Cloud, where the data is available in your personal account for further analysis.

RyngDyng Software

At the core of all RyngDyng© systems there is the innovative embedded software. The software is able to recognize arrows on the target within a few seconds using advanced image processing algorithms. All measured data are transmitted over the network to the connected clients. Calibration of the system is done largely autonomously and therefore the system is easy to set-up. The software is able to detect arrows on 2 (4) target faces on a single target in parallel.

Archery Analytics provides updates for the software on a regular basis. The RyngDyng© systems can download new software from Archery Analytic's server.

RyngDyng Hardware

Every RyngDyng© of series RD600 and RD720 is built into a robust case Each has got three high performing cameras and a computer. The cameras are kept in their exact positions by a massive stainless steeel construction. Adjustable stands allow for adjusting the camera views towards the target center. During operation, the top cover of the case is left half open to provide some sun protection. Special optical filters are built in to support operation in very bright light.

RyngDyng©  RD600 as well as the WLAN router can be powered by a USB-C charger, or, even better, by a USB-C power pack independent of the main supply. With power packs, the system can be operated a whole day on every out-door ground and in every hall or shelter - without a need to lay cables.

RyngDyng©  RD720 will be powered by a special charger, because the computer with a higher computing power requires higher supply power. Therefore, RD720 is well suited for fixed installations and for larger tournaments.


RyngDyng products

The RyngDyngApp

The RyngDyngApp© is a web-app that can run on any device with a modern browser (mobile, tablet, PC, ...). Just scan the QR code - ready to go. All RyngDyng© systems can be controlled via the app. For example, controlling the orientation while adjusting the case, doing the calibration steps and other settings of the system.

With the RyngDyngApp© it is possible to do some basic analysis of the results already on the field. This gives the archers an immediate feedback during the training.

Using the live view and placing your device next to you at the shooting line, the app not only replace a scope - it is even better than a scope. You do not have to leave your stand and look through a lense - just keep your shooting position and see the hits clearly on the near by display.

More details of the RyngDyngApp