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Archery Electronics becomes Archery Analytics

We herewith announce the founding of our company on June 24th 2019 -  Archery Electronics becomes Archery Analytics GmbH.


Reason for the name change is that we are of the opinion that the term „Analytics“ is closer to the value we offer and therefore better suited than what we could say with „Electronics“.

We therefore aim to offer all customers and users of RyngDyng not only a tool for easy and automated arrow detection , but at the same time objective individual data derived from the detection.
For the first there is a system now which makes the shooting result of the archer measurable and shows the effects of influencing factors, such as material settings and adjustments in reference to the shooting performance.


With this innovative combination and technology, we are convinced that Archery Analytics can help any archer to achieve a continuous improvement in shooting performance - without the need to keep an expensive shooting log.


We will keep everyone up to date at and look forward for any support.


Your Archery Analytics Team

Archery Analytics go World Cup

We recently were thankfully invited by World Archery Association to join the world cup in the Netherlands.

During this event we had the chance to introduce RyngDyng and test it under live conditions with top shooters. Surrounded by the fantastic scenery of s'Hertogenbosch city center we could not only inspire and convince world class shooters, but also officials and organizers on all matters: both by the mobile handling of the device itself and by the precise, automated arrow detection function. The latter is the basis for measuring the archer’s shooting results and respective performance data and analysing them accordingly via our app.

Statistical Walk-back Test

We implemented a statistical walk-back test in order to bring bow tuning to a next level. The possibility to record and calculate the connecting line between many arrows by means of statistics will lead to a much higher accuracy especially of button tuning for recurve or bare bows.

RyngDyng will automatically recognize the blue cross that serves as a reference point for the walk-back test (left image).

After pressing the 'start walk-back test' button, archers can shoot as many arrows they want for each distance, always targeting at the blue cross (the right image shows the RyngDyng App during recording). For example, you can shoot one arrow at 5m, 2 arrows at 10m and finally 6 arrows at 40m, depending on the accuracy you want to achieve.

berger tuning target cross
blue cross as target
screenshot of RyngDyng App test analysis

The following video shows a recording of two walk-back tests. The first test leads to a red line connecting the various arrows belonging to the increasing distances. As the line deviates from the ideal vertical line, the button was adjusted by a 1/8 turn, leading to a center position of the arrow closer to the riser. The second red line shows the result of the second walk-back test after tuning the button. It shows that the button tuning was successful.

Presentation on the German Indoor Championship 2019 in Biberach

On 9.3.2019 we demonstrated RyngDyng at the Indoor German Championship in Biberach. 

We introduced RyngDyng to DSB in order to find possible applications for the future. Despite the adverse conditions in the open air they listened very excited and there was an interesting conversation on possible applications in training and tournaments.

The organizers should not go unmentioned here. Above all, the orga-team with Gerd at the top.

And the involved clubs: SV Essendorf e.V.; Schützengilde Bad Schussenried e.V; TG Biberach 1847 e.V. - Bogensport; BSC Laupheim e.V. and Äffle und Pferdle.

Thank you all for giving us the opportunity to present RyngDyng!

Used Target Faces

Does RyngDyng always need new proper target faces? There are some limits, but RyngDyng reliably operates with very used or even damaged faces. In the following example you can see an arrow impact on a 40 cm target face where the arrow is located within a paper hole. The arrow has been correctly detected and valued by RyngDyng.

Before arrow impact

The arrived arrow on the upper border of the 10 at 11 o'clock position, sitting within a paper hole

The result: it's a 10 (see text in upper left corner of the image)


Further pictures of  a situation with a very used spot face. See arrow in lower spot. The image on the right shows the RyngDyng calibration on  'potato-shaped' contours of the rings.

Several targets at a time

People asked whether it is possible to record several target faces at once. RyngDyng autonomously recognises all layouts according to WA and assigns the correct letters A, B, C and D. All hits will be recorded for that archer who has been associated with the corresponding target face. The archers can display 'their' target face on their tablet or mobile. The later analysis of the recorded arrows will be seperate for each archer.

Below you can see a situation in our last indoor training session using 4 vertical spots. The first image shows the calibration RyngDyng did for these target faces. The second image shows an end of the training session. All arrows have been detected and recorded. For RyngDyng it doesn't matter whether the arrows arrive at the same point in time or one after another.

target calibration

RyngDyng Performance Test

We did a performance test and shot 11 arrows on a single spot target. RyngDyng detected all arrows correctly. The first image shows the view from the left camera right before the last arrow arrived. The second image shows the same view right after the last arrow did arrive. The difference between these two images is good enough for RyngDyng to calculate the position of the arrow. The result of the computation is shown in the third image. The detected arrow is marked with a red dot.

left camera before arrow detection
left camera after arrow detection
computed result

On the video you can see how the RyngDyng App recorded the arrows during the test. The RyngDyng App ran on a mobile phone.

Video and Blog

We launched the RyngDyng video and received a lot of positive feedback from the community.

In order to keep you updated on the developments, we started this blog here. Keep following!