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Several targets at a time

by Jochen, 02/09/2019

People asked whether it is possible to record several target faces at once. RingDing autonomously recognises all layouts according to WA and assigns the correct letters A, B, C and D. All hits will be recorded for that archer who has been associated with the corresponding target face. The archers can display 'their' target face on their tablet or mobile. The later analysis of the recorded arrows will be seperate for each archer.

Below you can see a situation in our last indoor training session using 4 vertical spots. The first image shows the calibration RingDing did for these target faces. The second image shows an end of the training session. All arrows have been detected and recorded. For RingDing it doesn't matter whether the arrows arrive at the same point in time or one after another.

target calibration

RingDing Performance Test

by Jochen, 01/26/2019

We did a performance test and shot 11 arrows on a single spot target. RingDing detected all arrows correctly. The first image shows the view from the left camera right before the last arrow arrived. The second image shows the same view right after the last arrow did arrive. The difference between these two images is good enough for RingDing to calculate the position of the arrow. The result of the computation is shown in the third image. The detected arrow is marked with a red dot.

left camera before arrow detection
left camera after arrow detection
computed result

On the video you can see how the RingDingApp recorded the arrows during the test. The RingDingApp ran on a mobile phone.

Video and Blog

by Jochen, 01/24/2019

We launched the RingDing video and received a lot of positive feedback from the community.

In order to keep you updated on the developments, we started this blog here. Keep following!