optical measurement and display of arrow positions upon arrival of the arrow at the target

saves all detected arrows for later analysis and evaluation

statistical analysis and graphical evaluation of the arrow position patterns

simultaneous operation for up to 4 target faces on a target

operation idependent of the main supply using USB power packs

very easy installation and calibration within a few minutes

all relevant parameters such as bow adjustments, sight parameters, arrow configurations etc. can be stored in the system

each single detected hit will be linked with these parameters

focussed analysis of how changes in parameters influence the arrow position patterns (such as grouping, shifts, etc.)

supports the standard bow tuning exercises such as blank shaft testing, Berger tests, etc.

all recorded training data can be shared with the coaches via the Archery Analytics cloud server

all required RyngDyng units can be meshed using the WiFi network into a single and centrally operated tournament system

autonomous recognition of all standard target faces according to WA and their various layouts on the target

participants can be assigned to individual target faces

automatic measurement of arrow positions and ring number valuation

possibility to overwrite valued rings by referees using mobile devices

live display of all detected arrows in real time on central displays, on the internet or, on mobile devices of spectators

all participants in the tounament can access and analyse their recorded shots later (ends, timeline, rings, groupings, etc.)


length 97 cm, width 27 cm, height: 13 cm


(not yet finalized, but will be < 5kg)

power supply

USB-C charger with 20W, or,  USB-C power pack

optical system

3 special and calibrated 5 MP cameras with a fixed optical lense


embedded multiprocessor system with WLAN interface; temperature controlled active cooling


high-tech image processing software with a parallel control flow; database for persistent storage of arrow positions and other parameters; updates and upgrades via secured internet connection; remote controlled using other devices over WLAN


the measurement accuracy depends on the quality of the target faces and the accuracy of the calibration. If conditions are good, the position measurement accuracy is < 1mm

processing speed

RyngDyng observes incoming arrows until they have a stable position. In foam, arrows stand still after about 1 s. On harder grounds such as compressed straw or wood, in will take longer. After the arrow is stable, the position is calculated in a very short time. On a foam target, the typical overall time between arrow impact and ready result is < 1.5 s.

IT security

all data transmissions are encrypted and authorized using certificates. Accessing personal data such as recorded arrows, training parameters requires strong password authentication.


chessboards printed on Makrolon® (polycarbonate) stripes for optical calibration of RyngDyng


wireless LAN router with a special configuration supporting the parallel operation of up to 100 RyngDyng systems. Automatic discovery of connected RyngDyng systems. Operation over distances > 100m in the open field.

power pack

operation independent of the main supply requires a USB-C power pack. Likewise, the WLAN router SpotterLink can be powered by USB power packs. Archery Analytics recommends power packs with about 20.000 mAh in order to have enough capacity for a whole day.