Interactive games for archery by RyngDyng©

Playing is motivating

The training for archery consists of a lot of repetitions of the same movement. Wouldn't it be good to have some variety in the training routine? Playful elements not only inspire children and young people - especially when you can win.

With RyngDyng we have created the basis for many interactive games. Both as a single player and for games in competition. You reach your goal with precision, sometimes with speed. The possibilities are many.

Here are a few games that Archery Analytics has integrated into the RyngDyng app. And there are sure to be more ...


With Countdown you can specify a certain number of points, which must be brought to 0 by counting down. Several variants are possible: A certain number of arrows may be used at most, or any number. You have to reach 0 exactly, or you can go below it.

In competition mode, two players play against each other, on separate target faces. The winner is whoever reaches 0 first. Any target face with rings can be used for this game.

Ring hunting

In the ring hunt, each ring in the target must be hit at least once. Optionally, you can request that an X must also be hit. The goal as a single player is to use as few arrows as possible.

In competition mode, two players play against each other on separate faces next to each other. The first player to hit all the rings wins. Ring hunting in competitive mode is a very fast paced game.

Around the clock

In this game, all circle segments must be hit for the 12 hours. Here, too, it is important to use as few arrows as possible.

If two players play against each other on separate faces, the first player to do so wins.

An interesting variant is when a good archer shoots on a small target face (e.g. a spot) as a handicap, and the beginner as an opponent shoots on a large face next to it. It can be an exciting match!

Sink Battleships

The classic from school with checkered calculation paper. However, this is the bare target, which is only thought of divided into squares.

After each arrow the square hit is revealed and shows whether it was an opposing ship or just water. With the next arrow you have to orientate yourself exactly to the already existing arrows in order to find the ship.

As a single player, this is really exciting and, depending on the size of the target area, also a real challenge.

But it's really fun when you compete against each other. Each player has their own half on the target and their own ships in the opposing half. In the right picture you can see the representation when you have a look at the opposing half. Only you can see these ships in your RyngDyng app, the enemy only sees the squares hit like on the left picture.

Whoever sinks all enemy ships first wins this game.

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