Use RyngDyng © for your torunament and create a world cup feeling without a lot of effort




What if you wouldn't need to note down the shooting results by hand but instead have them captured and recorded automatically?


And then you could also see the live dates of the competition?


RyngDyng© ideally suits the hosting of any archery occasion - be it corporate events, club tournaments or even the hosting of world cups or national championships.

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The audience sighs impressed. What a shot!

The arrow again just misses the gold by millimeters.
Both finalist fight hard. The spectators look spellbound to the built-up screens. Where will the next arrow hit?

RyngDyng© makes the excitement come alive. Without a camera crew and with very few organizational and technical efforts. It is affordbale for clubs and makes every tournament for the audience as well as for the archers themselves a very special experience.

Share the fascinated perception of archery directly with the spectators and give the sports the attention it deserves


Archery – this is hightech combined with absolute precision. The result on the target phase varies instantly when just one of the two – either bow or focus – changes. Archery is an interaction that inspires all kind of people around the globe. Professional archers challenge each other in national and international competitions and contend to get all arrows into the gold – millimeters matter!

But one thing has been missing so far!

A reliable system which makes the tension in archery liveable for the spectators. Not only during finals of international competitions but also during the preliminaries or qualification rounds of national or continental championships – both can be applied - indoor and outdoor.
We are convinced: only lthis way real excitement becomes possible.

RyngDyng© is a handy system which is quickly and easily built up and calibrated. It runs in parallel operation and the automatically gahtered results will be applied to the respective shooter.
This makes a tense competition happen!

RyngDyng© closes the gap, revolutionizes archery and acts as the perfect system for big tournaments.