Make use of the automated collection of your shooting results and draw the right conclusions for your material and shooting procedure.




What if you wouldn't need to record your arrow positions manually with pen and paper anymore?

What if you knew exactly what to change in order to get your arrows into the gold?


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You are spanning the bow. The known and trustful feeling of your hand at the anker point when you reach the full draw.
You are moving to the final pull and release...The arrow is flying. Just before you let the bow sink, the arrow hits the target.
Right afterwards you can see in the RyngDyng© app via your smartphone or tablet the exact arrow position inidcated.
It clearly reveals: all arrows of today tend to be positioned to far to the left.
After you have finished the training you are comparing the data in your profile in the RyngDyng© cloud with the ones of last week.
Due to the gathered data you clearly notice that your arrow grouping has improved and it moved further to the center of the target phase.

A success!!!


It proves that Your adjustments at the bow had an effect! It is not perfect yet, but due to RyngDyng© you can comprehend what to do to improve.

It not only records your data around archery but alos helps you to draw the right conclusions for your material or the motion sequence.


So, what is possible when you practive with RyngDyng©? What can you achieve?

Don't just imagine it! Start now and professionalize your performance on the basis of objective data!