Why data analysis is the future of archery

  • You are aware that it is not wise to adapt your sight just after three shots to improve your performance. The solution is to collect all arrow positions over time.
  • You are probably clear that the grouping is an evidence about the position and the formation of several of your arrows. By tracking this grouping you can recognize certain patterns in your shooting procedure.
  • Rings per arrow is a well established metric in archery tournaments and World Archery competitions. Also you can use this indicator to track your performance over time.
  • The assessment of all your shot arrows is based on statistics and data analysis. Both is essential to make adequate statements about your shooting performance.
  • If you wish to get from a good to a very good archer, then the only way to achieve it is to reduce the variations from shot to shot and end to end. The Archery-Analytics evaluation software supports you in an optimal way.
  • Data collection with RyngDyng© and the assessment with the Archery Analytics software helps you to get a deeper understanding of the relation between adjustments in the shooting technique or the material and the shooting result. We help you make this more transparent and comprehensive.